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December JCTA Meeting Minutes


Meeting of 12/06/10


Mary T. Schartz –  Barnegat Light            Bill Kunz –  Brant  Beach

Charlie Gaver- Harvey Cedars         Bill Hutson –  Holgate

Bob Irvine –  LBT 10        Trish Monaco- Loveladies Harbor

Bob Monaco –  Loveladies PO            Dick Jeffries –  Surf City

Jane O’Brien

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM – Secretary Charlie Gaver presiding in the absence of President Pat Moran (delayed by business).   Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Treasurer’s Report –balance remains at $4602.32.  High Bar Harbor dues for 2010 are still not paid presented by Treasurer Bob Monaco.

Bob made a suggestion for consideration that the dues move back to $100.00 per organization for 2011, unless we are forecasting significant additional expenditures for the coming year.  A discussion followed with suggestions that as an alternative to reducing dues we might want to .find some worthy places to donate funds.  Suggestions included The Southern Regional Foundation,  “Rachel’s Challenge”, or others.  Please bring suggestions (and specifics) to the January meeting.

Southern Regional:

Little to discuss, other than a brief review of the Asbury Park Press’s November 17th article regarding Special Ed  issues (Jacob/Parker) that Barbara Lehman sent.   While on one hand as a taxpayer one should perhaps be glad at the rate charged per out of district student, one wonders what the fact that it is one of the highest in the state indicates for the cost discipline at SRHS.

LBI Consolidated:

The “Feasibility Study” will probably not be available to the public before February.  Apparently, the draft was “sent back” with a request for some further input on transportation issues, and some Beach Haven School questions.

Apparently – and these are strictly hearsay – there are deed restrictions involving both the Ethel Jackson School Property and that of the Beach Haven School, with both of them supposedly to revert if they are no longer used as schools – interesting, if true.

Bill Kunz suggested that the JCTA establish a committee to study and develop the JCTA comments on the Feasibility Study, once it is released.  The JCTA should certainly be in a position present a critique (positive and negative) regarding the recommendations. Interested parties please be ready to volunteer at the January meeting.  A motion was made, seconded and passed supporting establishing said committee.

It was also suggested that the JCTA consider establishing a Traffic/Highway Committee to attempt to coordinate/facilitate roadway markings and signage throughout the Island, promote the rework of the Boulevard/Causeway redo, and whatever else is appropriate.

Copies of Peter Trainor’s  and Ben Tabarini’s Letters to the Editor of Nov. 17, 2010 were presented by Mary Schartz.  Peter’s was discussed briefly.

Meeting was adjourned by motion at 8:10 PM.

Charlie Gaver



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