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Can you help a neighbor? (Nov 5-update 2)

Want to help?  As we get further into our ‘recovery’,  opportunities will arise to volunteer to help our neighbors. If you would like to assist, please go to the HCTA website at Harveycedarstax.org.

*Click on this article (with the above header) on the ‘Taxpayer Current Events and News’ column on the right side.

*Click on the Comment.  Let us know you would like to volunteer by leaving us your name

We will manage this list and inform you when we have volunteer opportunities present themselves. We might ask you to bring a rake or a shovel, but even a hour or two can make a difference to someone. Additionally- Oops!  I’m sorry for all the typos in tonight’s first update- they have been corrected on the site. Maybe I should to write these updates earlier in the evening-less mistakes! SL


21 Responses to “Can you help a neighbor? (Nov 5-update 2)”
  1. Irene Giordano says:

    Thanks for all your timely updates (typos and all). I just blame mine on “fat fingers”. I’m staying in north jersey but would be happy to help. Just email. Thanks again

  2. rein emrich says:

    WHEN I Cn get down there, what sullpies should i bring to help other home owners?

  3. Lida Pos says:

    I would like to volunteer..am a full time resident so am around. Thank you for keeping us so well informed over the past week.. Lida..36 W. 80th

  4. Jim Loudon says:

    I would like to volunteer.

  5. hctax says:

    We are not sure right now. Probably just your willingness to help out and a smile. Work gloves, a rake or shovel might come in handy as well. We’ll let you know when we know and thanks to all for your interest!

  6. Lisa Beamer says:

    I am available most Tuesdays and Fridays during the day and sometimes on weekends with my family. Happy to lend a hand and/or supplies so lmk and thx so much for all the updates, much appreciated.

  7. Andrew Freeman says:

    Ready with rakes, shovels and gloves.

  8. Elly Roessner l says:

    We have a truck and perhaps access to a larger one. Can haul stuff to dumpster

  9. Dana Levitt says:

    I am available to help starting this weekend 11/10-

  10. Terry kulinski says:

    Yes, I would like to volunteer. I am a full time resident so I will be available.

  11. John M. Imperiale says:

    My wife, Barbara, and I will be happy to volunteer in any way necessary. We plan on coming back – to stay – today (Tuesday) or Wednesday and will be available to do whatever whenever. Just let us know…..
    John and Barbara Imperiale

  12. Phyllis & Rich Dittrich says:

    We became full time residents in Harvey Cedars fairly recently. We are very thankful that our street was not severely damaged, but our hearts go out to our neighbors who were not as fortunate. We want to help, please let us know when and where….

  13. Joel Spivack says:

    I would like to volunteer. I am not a full time resident. However, I believe that in our small community, it is important that we take care of each other, and help our residents and businesses come back.

  14. Robert McPherson says:

    I would like to help in some manner if I can, please let me know.

    Robert McPherson
    Cell: 732-672-0724

  15. Frank DeNicola says:

    Will be happy to volunteer.

  16. Marty says:

    Just email me if you need help….retired and capable!

  17. Dave&Judy Rising says:

    We’d be happy to help. Please let us know what we can do, bring or donate.

  18. hctax says:

    Elly- you will be needed (and a big truck too!) Please read tonight’s update.I will most likely put out final plans on Thursday night for a few hours long work event this Saturday. SL

  19. hctax says:

    plan on it-most like on Sat for a few hours. We’ll get back to everyone-THX!

  20. hctax says:

    yay! Plan on this Sat-we’ll post more info late in the week. SL

  21. Greg and Jan Gutchigian says:

    If we can get on the island, we are happy to help.


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