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2014 HCTA Membership Drive

Being a member in the Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Association is a yearlong gift that you give to your community, your neighbors, your loved ones and mostly to yourself. This year we changed the time period to a calendar year membership, which means if you join now you are entitled to 4 extra months.

The benefits of supporting YOUR association are so overwhelming that this year we are looking for 100% participation. With your support, you are insuring that someone is looking over the shoulders of our local government and school boards protecting our interest. We have trustees on board that participate in both the zoning advisory and school board joint advisory committees and regularly go to borough town meetings. All three of these entities affect the taxes we pay. We have a group of trustees that are in constant communications with Ocean County freeholders and engineers in regard to making our boulevard as safe as possible.

When Hurricane Sandy hit us last year, we were there to walk the streets with our Mayor to determine how best to get information to you. We were probably the most successful with this task because we worked hand and hand with our local government to provide you with this information. The board of board trustees care about Harvey Cedars and its residents. We need to you to care also. Please stop for a minute, fill out your membership info, then send in your membership dues and continue to make Harvey Cedars the BEST place to live on LBI. Make sure you give us your current email address so we can continue to send out valuable information.

Thank you and enjoy your holidays with your family.


One Response to “2014 HCTA Membership Drive”
  1. hcta says:

    Thanks for contacting the HCTA Dr. Sobel.
    As we stated at our annual meeting in August, the Trustees adjusted the ‘membership year’ from Aug to Aug to the calendar year. Therefore if you paid your dues in Aug, you and everyone else who paid did in fact receive 16 months. Your dues payment of $25.00 in August will carry thru the calendar year 2014.
    In addition, if you visit our website (Harveycedarstax.org) we do have a quick link to sign up for membership. Simply click on the “Memberships/Donations” tab. A drop down menu will appear. Click on the first item which is “Join Us”. A link to a downloadable form will appear which you can print, fill out and mail into the HCTA with a check. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the computer form and pay using Paypal or your credit card online. Thank for for your comments.


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